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Study Abroad for University Groups

Study Abroad for University Groups

Customized Programs

Our experienced staff will work with you to custom design a short- or long-term study abroad program for your university group. In addition to intensive Spanish classes we can organize lectures, cultural activities such as tango classes, or film screenings, excursions, and guided tours. We can also arrange volunteer and service learning projects for longer programs. For more information, please contact our institutional relations department at

What’s Included

Needs Analysis
Bridge will always take the time to find out what each individual’s or group’s needs are to create a study abroad program that is right for them. We take into consideration time constraints, budget constraints, academic goals, housing and location preferences, and any other factors that could affect the structure of the program.

Program Customization
Once we have good understanding of the needs of the group or individual, we will either recommend one of our standard programs whose components address all of the important concerns of the students; or we will customize a program for the students according to their special circumstances. There is usually time to review one or more proposals, and to make adjustments as necessary until everyone involved in the trip is 100% satisfied with the components.

Pre-departure Advising
Once a program has been decided upon, Bridge will work with individuals or group leaders to prepare them for their trip. Typical topics that are discussed include obtaining a passport or a visa, culture shock, what to pack, safety, and travel tips, etc.

Prepare-to-Go Materials
Bridge provides support documents to the individual or group covering all of the essential topics necessary to be well-prepared for the trip. An in-depth guidebook for the destination country is also provided.

Airport Reception & Transfer
All of Bridge’s programs include airport pick up and drop off to and from your accommodations.

Orientation & Support Materials
Once in-country, students will have a complete welcome and orientation to reiterate the important points already covered during pre-departure advising. Students will get the chance to ask questions, and get familiar with day-to-day activities like taking public transportation and using the ATM machine.

Safety Advising
A large part of orientation is spent on safety issues. Generally, students need to just be aware and use common sense. However, each country has its own peculiarities regarding safety, and we like to inform students right away about how they can keep themselves safe.

Housing & Meals
While Bridge almost always recommends staying with a local host family while abroad so that students get the most exposure possible to local language and culture, there are other accommodations available such as hostels and hotel which may be appropriate for larger groups. Host families provide half board while hotels and hostels usually only provide a light breakfast.

Depending on the program, tuition may cover the cost of language instruction, TEFL training, or volunteer placement coordination (and monetary donation to the hosting non-profit organization).

Cultural Workshops & Excursions
All Bridge programs include a cultural focus, including various excursions, workshops, and lectures. The focus of the cultural program can be determined by the group leader. Academic classes may also be included in the case of a faculty-led program.

Re-entry Support Materials
Students usually find their study abroad experience to be extremely transformative, and sometimes have difficulty readjusting to life back at home. Bridge provides support materials to help student get acclimated to their former surroundings and way of life.

Follow-up Advising
A Bridge Advisor will contact the individual or group leader shortly upon their return to ask for feedback on the program. The purpose of the advising is to help group leaders and students reflect upon their experiences and to offer advice on how to take full advantage of all of the new experiences that the participants had.

Program Evaluation
Upon completion of the study abroad program, Bridge will send out a program evaluation to be anonymously filled out by the program participants. This feedback is essential to helping Bridge continuously improve our programs and to gather ideas for new programs that could be beneficial to other students.

Transcript and/or Certificate of Completion
Bridge keeps very strict attendance records for all components of this program, including the service component. We will provide a certificate of completion of the program, along with a detailed report grading students in different areas of language proficiency. An exit exam is optional.

Networking through Bridge Social Media
Participants will be invited to join Bridge’s social media network, and will be invited to post on our blog about their experiences abroad. Participants will also have access before they leave for their trip so that they can talk with former participants and ask for any tips or advice.

Emergency Travel Insurance
Participants have the option of signing up for emergency travel insurance through one of Bridge’s partner providers. This plan covers emergency evacuation and repatriation costs, and some basic medical emergency care.

Senior Academic Adviser, World Languages Center Northeastern University

Claudia Sokol

The dynamic of the classes, the rotation of teachers, the focus on students speaking...the students learned so much and were happy not only with the teachers but with your staff. I already made a proposal to return in 2011!

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