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Special Programs

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Business Spanish

Much of the business world today communicates in Spanish. In our Business Spanish Program, the focus is on conversational Spanish used in a business context.

We emphasize student speaking and participation, not the teacher lecturing. Teachers, of course, explain difficult grammar points, introduce new vocabulary and work on reading strategies, but the emphasis is on verbal Spanish communication.   This program improves job performance and creates new career opportunities.

Our business Spanish curriculum reflects what’s happening in the contemporary business world and offers a variety of relevant topics such as: giving presentations, Spanish for meetings, Spanish for the telephone and many others.

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Spanish for Professionals

Tailored-made Spanish programs for students seeking to advance their careers in any environment where Spanish plays a key role.

Our Spanish curriculum department specializes in finding material that fits the student’s level.

Among others, we offer:

Spanish for Lawyers course where students build legal vocabulary, read contracts and learn how to brief cases.

Spanish for Economists course where students acquire the ability to communicate about general economic topics and be able to read economic texts.


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Spanish for Travelers

The Spanish for Travelers course allows for more time to explore Buenos Aires and Argentina, while still getting quality Spanish instruction.

By recreating real-life situations, students learn everything they need to get by: greetings, forms of courtesy, asking for directions and how to express likes and dislikes.


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