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Spanish Immersion Programs in Argentina

BridgeArgentina offers Spanish courses to meet the needs, expectations, and budgets of each of our students. As a student at our school, you can choose group instruction, private instruction, or a combination course.

Group Spanish Courses

Group Classes

Max 7 Spanish 20

  • Small groups
  • Maximum 7 students
  • 4 hours each day
  • 20 hours a week

Max 7 Spanish 30

  • Small groups
  • Maximum 7 students
  • 6 hours each day
  • 30 hours a week

Active Spanish 10

  • Boost your active skills
  • 10 group hours
  • 5 classes focusing on active skills

Group +

  • Focus on specific areas
  • 20 group hours
  • 10 private instruction hours per week

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Private Spanish Courses

Private Classes

Private 10

  • 10 hours of private instruction per week
  • 2 hours each day
  • Learn at your own pace

Private 20

  • 20 hours of private instruction per week
  • 4 hours a day of one-on-one learning


  • 40 classroom hours a week
  • 8 instruction hours a day
  • 3 different teachers
  • One conversational lunch with one of your teachers

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Special Programs

Private Classes

Business Spanish

  • Emphasis on verbal Spanish communication
  • Improvement on job perfomance
  • New career opportunities
  • 2 hours each day
  • 10 hours a week

Spanish for Professionals

  • Custom-tailor your course material according to the demands of your profession.
  • 2 hours each day
  • 10 hours a week

  • Among others, we offer:
    • - Spanish for Lawyers
    • - Spanish for Economists

Spanish for Travelers

  • Need more time to explore Buenos Aires and Argentina?
  • Learn how to survive in Spanish-speaking countries:
    • - Greetings
    • - Forms of courtesy
    • - Asking for directions
    • - How to express likes and dislikes
  • 10 hours a week
  • Group lesson

DELE Preparation

  • One-on-one lessons
  • Develop the four basic skills tested on the DELE exam

Cultural Workshops

  • Enhance your experience in Argentina
  • Supplement your group course
  • 5 different workshops per week, 1.5 hours long each
  • Minimum 2 students

Spanish and Tango

  • 3 group lessons
  • 1 private tango lesson
  • An outing to a local Milonga (tango gathering)

Spanish +TEFL:
Teach English as  a ForeignLanguage

  • Learn to prepare lesson plans and practice-teach to real ESL students in:
    • - 140 hours
    • - 4-week course
  • One week of free Spanish classes

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BridgeVirtual: Spanish Online

Private Classes

Online Spanish Courses with BridgeVirtual

  • Start learning Spanish before you leave the country!
  • Get your own dedicated trainer
  • Program adapted to your specific needs
  • Boost your confidence and speaking ability
  • Dramatic improvement of listening comprehension
  • Complete flexibility with your timetable and work commitments

BridgeVirtual Online Spanish Programs

Spanish for Travelers

  • Basic phrases and vocabulary
  • 4 course hours
  • 2 live sessions

Warm-Up Spanish

  • Survival Skills
  • 10 course hours
  • 5 live sessions

Maintenance Spanish

  • Keep your Spanish alive!
  • 20 course hours
  • 10 live sessions

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Learn Spanish With Our Spanish Immersion Programs in Argentina

BridgeArgentina students are often surprised at how quickly they learn to speak Spanish. Bridge’s methodology is designed to make students comfortable using Spanish in practical, everyday situations, such as traveling, meeting people, using the telephone, conducting business, and participating in conversations. Thanks to our communicative and dynamic approach, you’ll speak Spanish from the first day of class.

Our Spanish teachers are skilled in bringing the Bridge methodology to life every day in the classroom. They are native speakers and have received extensive training in how to teach a foreign language. The are not only qualified, but also friendly, patient, enthusiastic, energetic and always available for questions and guidance. Meet our teachers.

Basic principles of the BridgeArgentina methodology:

Student Comment

Avra Elliot, July 2010

I had taken one semester at my university and learned almost nothing. Within two months at BridgeArgentina I had more confidence and could follow basic conversations. I came with no knowledge and I’m leaving with basic skills and a desire to continue practicing… and I owe this to my teachers!

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