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About Buenos Aires, Argentina

Visit the home of tango, steak dinners, endless nightlife, and outgoing locals.

About Buenos Aires, Argentina

Explore Argentina

Encompassing a large portion of the southern half of the continent, Argentina’s varied geography ranges from sun-baked mountains in the north to glacial valleys in the south. The country’s natural beauty includes the immense wind-swept pampas, the majestic Andean Cordillera, the wild splendor of Patagonia, and the world-famous Iguazú Falls, one of the largest waterfalls on the planet.

Spanish students visiting Argentina should be sure to visit a traditional estancia, where gauchos, or traditional Argentine cowboys will prepare a hearty asado (lamb or beef roasted over an open flame). The Chaco region is home to the beautiful chacarera dance, while Missiones is where the popular tea yerba mate is produced. In the south, beautiful Bariloche boasts a German influence.

Experience Buenos Aires

A dynamic city of over nine million, Buenos Aires is the bustling capital of the largest Spanish-speaking country in South America. The city’s French-style architecture, European cultural heritage, and general air of sophistication give it a distinctly elegant feel, earning it the nickname “The Paris of South America.” At any time of day or night–and any day of the week–you can find something to do in Buenos Aires. Dance the tango ’til the break of dawn; quietly sip green tea at the Japanese botanic gardens; enjoy a raucous game of South American soccer; or simply sip espresso at a corner café and watch the world go by.

It is among the inhabitants of Buenos Aires that you will find the true soul of Argentina. A lively, passionate people, Argentines take pride in their language, education, the beauty of their country, and their stylish customs. You will most certainly fall in love with the personality of the Buenos Aires residents, as well as with the city itself. And you’ll soon see why Buenos Aires makes an excellent place to learn Spanish and, perhaps more importantly, enjoy life like an Argentine!

Top 6 Reasons to Visit Buenos Aires

  • The Passion of Futbol
    Join futbol (soccer) fans for an intense and exhilarating experience cheering on the Boca Juniors, the beloved team of Maradona.
  • Yerba Mate
    Mate is a traditional tea that is shared between friends, try it amargo, bitter or with a bit of sugar.
  • Dulce de Leche
    Dulce de leche is the national dessert of Argentina. Try it on toast, in ice cream or in this favorite treat known as an alfajor.
  • Asado a la Parrilla
    Argentines love getting together and sharing an asado (roast meat), with some vino, of course!
  • Empanadas
    Hungry? Grab a few of these empanadas, meat-filled pastries. Our favorite is with carne picante, spicy chopped meat.
  • Tango
    This city lives for tango! It is found everywhere in Buenos Aires, including in the streets!

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