FAQs | Student Life

How many students attend SMU? 
On average, SMU enrolls approximately 6,350 undergraduate and 4,500 graduate and professional students. The first-year class is between 1525-1550 students.

What is the percentage of minority students? 
SMU's undergraduate minority enrollment averages approximately 29%, with an additional 9% from international countries, meaning that more than one in every three students on campus comes from a diverse background. SMU thrives on the dialogue and understanding created by this global community.

What is the male-to-female ratio? 
The SMU undergraduate population is nearly 50/50 male and female. On average, the graduate population is slightly higher in the number of males.

What percentage of first-year students return in their second year? 
SMU students continue to return for their second year an average of 89-90%.

What kinds of student organizations are on campus? 
There are approximately 230 student organizations in which students can explore new interests or expand upon old ones. Students have many opportunities to serve and lead, and the freedom to experiment and follow. For more information on campus organizations, visit the 澳门威尼斯登陆:Student Activities website.

What kinds of activities take place on the weekends?
Weekend activities on campus include sports, social events, academic lectures, fine arts productions, and more!

What types of athletics does SMU offer?
SMU offers 17 NCAA Division I-A teams in basketball, cross-country/track and field, swimming and diving, golf, soccer, tennis, volleyball (women only), equestrian (women only), crew (women only), and football. SMU also offers several special interest sports clubs and an extensive intramural sports program. For more information on SMU athletics, visit . For more information on SMU recreational sports, visit 澳门威尼斯登陆:bridgeargentina.com/recsports.

How many students participate in the Greek system, and when is recruitment? 
Approximately 48% of female undergraduates participate in sororities, and about 32% of male undergraduates participate in fraternities. Greeks are a positive force on campus: involved, service oriented, and academically competitive. SMU has deferred recruitment, meaning that recruitment week is the last week of the winter break.

How important is community service to SMU students? 
Building a sense of social responsibility through community service is central to SMU's mission. SMU offers service-learning courses, fall and spring Community Service Days, an Inter-Community Experience (ICE) program, SMU Service House residence, an Alternative Spring Break program, as well as many other service opportunities through various campus organizations. 

What type of career services are provided?
The Hegi Family Career Development Center offers advising, testing, internships, job postings, interviews, etc. For more information, visit 澳门威尼斯登陆:bridgeargentina.com/career.

What types of student support services are provided?
SMU provides students with several different types of services, such as 澳门威尼斯登陆:Counseling Services, the 澳门威尼斯登陆:Testing Center, the Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center (A-LEC), the Career Center, the 澳门威尼斯登陆:Advising Center, as well as services for students with disabilities